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Searching for Train Services



Optional Extras

Headcode Search

If a service is departing today, you can jump to it's schedule if you know either the public headcode (eg 2C54) or the activated obfuscode (eg 692P)

Due to freight headcode anonymity, you can't search for freight headcodes (unless it's GBRf of VSTP).

Leave the date picker blank if you want, for todays services. For train's that run today, but left their origin location yesterday, you need to put in yesterdays date otherwise if it runs tonight as well, it'll bring up tonights schedule.

Understanding List of Services

Once you've pressed search, you should see a list of services at your given location. Whilst the list is quite self-explanatory, there are a few bits that might need better understanding.

Refer to the numbers on the below diagram for an expaination

P. DGL From: Acton TC 0G66
A. 1959 To: Preston Park
Arrived East Croydon 2321 (239L)
(ZZ) View Schedule
0S00 Ship Service
0B00 Bus Service
0*** Engine(s) without any rolling stock in tow
1*** A service with limited calls (express) [may also include charters (1Z**) and test trains (1Q**)]
2*** A service with regular calls (semi-fast/slow) [may also include test trains (2Q**) and other STP services]
3*** Priorty empty passenger stock [may also include test trains (3Q**) and seasonal trains (3S**), (3J**), (3Y**) and (3W**)]
4*** Express freight train
5*** Standard empty passenger train not in service. [May include unit drags by a locomotive (5Q**]
6*** Semi fast freight train
7*** Freight with speed of no more than 45mph
8*** Slow freight service or seasonal train spraying the rail head [8Y** / 8S**]
9*** A service with special routing or gauging requirements
*X** A service with abnormal load. [If using live signalling diagrams, this indicates something connecting track circuit, IE a train moving inside an engineering possession]

Live Train Timetable

Waits here for other trains to pass, waits here for other operating reasons, or this train starts here.
Train stops here to amend train formation
Train stops here to attach a banking locomotive
Stops here to change train crew if required
Pick up / set down passengers
Train stops here for an examination before proceeding
Stops to change locomotive
Train shunts here
Train stops to reverse, driver changes ends, or locomotive runs around (if single engine)
Attach/Detach vehicles
This train terminates here
Collection of token or tablet
Train stops to take on water

Train Running Information

This section is pretty much self explainatory, but just to make things clearer:

Schedule Information

Train Information

Shows operator, service description, max speed the vehicle and its consist are timed for, train category, and train power type. All of this is only shown if we have the information available.

Passenger Information

Additional information for the benefit of passengers, including information about refreshments and reservations. Rail Record cannot be responsible for incorrect values, as the information is supplied by automated system from Network Rail, who too, cannot be held responsible for any anomylies.

Members Area

User added allocations and real headcodes. Users can also receive alerts with a free members area account.

Then below this you can copy the URL of the schedule, or send an email with schedule link, get alerts, or save the schedule to your members area account for future reference.

Attribution & Sources

Rail Record is the name of this website, and is not a company. Data shown on this website ( and its parent domain ( use information supplied by Network Rail open data feeds which are free to use.

In some small cases, and non-predominantly, Rail Record uses train formation and delay information where available, from National Rail Enquiries. Rail Record website therefore and hereby attributes National Rail Enquiries under their brand usage guideline as below:

- [We attribute National Rail Enquiries ("NRE")] Where an NRE feed is combined with other data feeds and/or is not the primary information being displayed, NRE branding may be shown on an attribution page;

This section will act as the attribution because NRE is not the primary source of information, the Network Rail feeds is the primary source of information. Please also find below, the NRE logo which is a requirement of the attribution.

Partially Powered by National Rail Enquiries

Rail Record website also acknowledges the support of CACI, RDG and Charlwoodhouse systems for the ongoing support provided over the years.

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